Carleton neuroscience students say building move could harm research, careers

The CBC writes:

Students in Carleton University’s neuroscience department are worried that two upcoming building moves in the span of less than a year could bring a halt to important brain research and hamstring their careers.

The department is scheduled to temporarily relocate to an as-of-yet undetermined location when renovations to their current building get underway next March — and then settle for good in the university’s new health sciences facility when it opens.

It’s a plan, however, that could pull the plug on painstakingly-precise research projects and potentially delay students’ graduation dates, said John Stead, the chair of Carleton’s neuroscience department.

“For many of those students, the research they’re going to be doing is critical for their degrees, critical for their futures,” Stead said.

“And at the moment, we don’t know whether the students are actually going to be able to continue their research next year.”

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